Thursday, September 21, 2006

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"Yesterday. 11 o'clock in the morning. At home."

"I've never seen a grown woman shaved there before."

"So what made you come back then?" I replied as I paid the bartender

"Thank you." Pam said, and she picked up the phone to call Donnelly's office.

When I got back into the living room, I noticed that Holly had taken off the camisole and was laying back one her elbows with her lace robe open and her breasts fully exposed. "Mmmmm," what's ya got there hun," she said with wicked grin "Looks like we got party favors, and oooooh whip cream, you naughty little boy you." I handed her a frosted glass and poured her some wine, followed by myself. We both took a sip and then took turns giving each other a sip as we crossed glasses and toasted again.

Nei kneeled, finding boredom in this, but not letting it show.

Chris Hervey was still buttoning his uniform shirt as he rushed up the stairs to the wheelhouse. A first trip cadet aboard the bulk carrier 'Tower Bridge', he was still finding watch keeping a shock to the system, especially getting up for 4 in the morning to understudy the Chief Mate.

"Godddammmmm, yesss, you toooo!" Skarlett yelled along with the other two.

"Really, you fantasised about me making love with Jamie?"

She fell back on the bed, wiping her mouth. She looked at him. “Are you leaving now?”

As soon as I got there, I was let in, accompanied by much grumbling from the line of people waiting for entrance. Tony, the guy at the door, grinned and gave me a hug. "Looking great… Glad to see you again, Red…"

The bantering went back and forth, while the two ladies could do nothing but stand there and make sure that the objects of comparison stayed in view. After a while, Tony and Janice still couldn't decide. "Maybe would should get their opinions", Tony suggested. Janice said that was a wonderful idea. From where she was bent over, Emily could see Janice walk behind the desk and get something and then walk back. She had no idea what Janice had retrieved, or what she and Conne were expected to do.

"So how should we do this?" I asked.

"Hi," he said confidently as he drew close enough that his intent had been indeed to introduce himself to her. This vision standing before him turned to her friends without answering however, purposely ignoring him though she did smile, and seemed to actually blush with the unexpected attention. Brad could either tuck his tail between his legs and slink off in defeat, or go down in flames with what he expected as a polite, but obvious brush off.

How was I going to obey these commands? I knew nothing about dressing in drag. And it can't be silly, like "Some Like It Hot," because I must be convincing to horny, pool-shooting boys. As "Bitz." In less than 48 hours. I sat down to make a list. Dress. I'd need a dress, sort of dressy, but not too much -- Richie's is just a neighborhood tavern, not an upscale wine bar. Bra, with some way to fill it; will B cups be enough? Panty hose, shoes -- some heel, not stiletto. Makeup. Hairstyle. It's probably long enough, but how would a woman do my hair? Nail polish. Purse. Woman's watch.

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